An Ultimate Army Theme Park

Manesar, 30 Mins from Gurgaon

About Delta105

What really makes a Jawaan? What goes behind their lives? With Delta 105, all your questions will be answered. It's an army theme park loaded with amusing Army theme activities. A one day picnic will be enough to give you chills!

What are the timings ?
What are the timings ?

It's a day picnic, so reach by 9:30 am and enjoy till 5pm. There are options for night stay as well. Please call us for details.

Who should attend?
Who should attend?

The camp is designed for all
Students, Friends and Family, Corporate Colleagues

Where is it?
Where is it?

Village Pada, Manesar
30 Mins Drive from Gurgaon

Camp Activities

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Operational Briefing Zone

Do you remember the scene when in movie ‘Uri’, Vicky Kaushal briefs his troops just before going for the operation.

That shows the importance of giving clear instructions to troops before an important activity. Now why is that important? Because in military, we are dealing with national interest & human lives and any default can cost us dear.

At Delta 105, the guests will be briefed on a sand model about the layout of camp, expectations from the visitors, dos & don’ts, etc.

Sarva-Dharamveer-sthal Or MMG Complex

In the Armed Forces, the concept of celebrating all religions is more important. The army, the navy, and the Air Force stand on these virtues and probably that is the reason why the brotherhood inside the forces is very strong. No one is judged by their name or caste, they are judged by their efficiency and courage. It is common to see a mandir, Masjid, Gurdwara and Church next to each other.

At Delta 105, we have tried to bring all the major religions of India under one roof.

Assault Course- Commando

A jawan need to be fit – both physically as well as mentally. And an assault course is a great way to test both. You too can navigate through these 8 obstacles and a maze and try to get your best timings.

Assault Course - Commando Junior

What better then to inculcate sense of healthy body and a sound mind from the very start. Let you kids crisscross Commando Junior – an obstacle course that has 5 obstacles for kids below 12 years of age.

War Zone

India has approx. 15000 kms of border with various countries. It ranges from International Border, LoC (Line of Control) and LoAC (Line of Actual Control). Since you cannot go there, we have brought the border to you.

War Zone is a depiction of an international border in a plain area like Punjab. The DCB or Ditch Cum Bandh is designed to halt/ slow down advancing enemy’s Infantry and Tanks. Look at the bunkers, trenches, mine fields, command posts and the enemy areas.

Do not miss out the guided tour by one of the veteran who has spend life in such difficult area.

Ground Zero - Paint Ball in a War Ravaged Zone

Wear battle fatigues, body armor and helmet and get into the war zone right away by shooting at the enemy and reaching the target. This paintball game spread into an area of 1 acre plus will give you a feel of a combat zone.

War Memorial


Every year, thousands of soldiers give their life to protect our motherland. Let us take a minute and show our respect to them at the War Memorial.

Delta Mess

The army marches on its stomach. It means literally and food plays an important role. The mess is an integral part of an army life, be it in a peace station or when the jawans are engaged in a war.

Savor some amazing food here. Please keep in mind the food served here at Delta 105 is still a luxury compared to what the jawans eats in their cookhouse.

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