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Greetings from Delta 105, an army-man’s venture. The camp, slightly ahead of manesar, is a military theme park.

It includes some unique military activities in a fun and educational way. The activities can be done by people of all age groups and gender.

The experience design caters to all age groups with enriching and fun-filled recreational activities, perfect for a day-long outing at the outskirts of the city. You leave with memorable impressions wanting to return.

The park is also a great place for Birthday parties & Team Building exercises .

Indulge in military like activities which you will not find in any other place except military itself. These activities are designed in a fun way and for all age groups & genders.

The activities are:
  • Walk through Army Heritage: Guests get to see the various tools, equipment, uniforms, etc used by the Armed Forces of India.
  • Sarva-Dharm-Sthal or MMGC (Mandir, Masjid, Gurudwara, Church) complex: Army is a true example of communal harmony and the youth of country needs to be sensitized about it. The MMG Complex will show them the true secular fabric of the nation.
  • Briefing Zone: Clear and crisp instructions are hallmark of an Army Briefing. The guests will be briefed on a 3D model about the camp, Dos & Don’ts, etc. It will be done before their visit.
  • Activity Zone: Guests can indulge in following activities like Understanding National Flag, Knot Tying, etc
  • War Zone: Depiction of international border with bunkers & trenches. Briefing by An Ex-Serviceman with use of original equipment like helmets, Binocular, etc.
  • Obstacle Course for Adults (and smaller one for kids also): The guests will have to cross 8 obstacles and record their best time (the best time so far is 2 minutes 30 seconds): These are simple yet need to think before attempting.
  • Story telling by Veterans: Most Army men get a chance to serve in warzones like Kashmir or North East. The guests can hear their hair raising stories and get inspired.
  • War memorial: Pay your respect to the soldiers who died for the country.
  • Pagal Gymkhana: Fun activities like Sack race, Tug of War, Two Leg race, etc
  • Firing Range: Each guest will fire three rounds on a figure 11 targets using paintball guns.
  • Grenade Range: It takes strength to throw hand grenades unlike shown in the Bollywood movies. You can try your hands at these dummy grenades which are almost exact replica of real ones.
  • Race with Battle Load: A soldier carries an average of 23 kgs of battle load on him and travels for long distances, as long as 40 kms. Try wearing the haversacks filled with 5, 10 or 20 kgs of sand and run for 100 meters. You will get some view of hardships our brave soldiers faces.
  • Crawl Trench: Wear actual army uniform and military helmets. And then try to pass through crawl trench made of barbed wires.
  • Army tents: Tents made of parachutes used by Indian Air Force are erected as rest zones. Similarly, tents used by Army are also displayed.
  • Kidzone : Rides, swings and trampoline
  • Sports Arena: Sports play an important role in the Armed Forces and an hour is reserved every evening for all troops. The sports arena at Delta 105 has field for Football, Volleyball, cricket, etc.
  • Paint Ball : Guests above 15 years of age can play by paying Rs.300 for 30 pellets per person.

Tasty and Nutritious food made in a hygienically environment is served as set menu in Delta Mess. Bar-Be-Que and Dinner is served in tent complex. Water used to prepare food is from RO plant.

  • Stuffed Parantha, white makhan, Dahi or Poori and Bhaji
  • Poha or Upma
  • Tea
  • Assorted Roti, Rice
  • Rajma or Chole
  • Paneer Vegetable
  • Seasonal Vegetable
  • Chowmein
  • Curd or Raita
  • Gulab Jamun or Halwa
  • Green Salad
Regiment Food
  • Makke and Bajre ki roti with desi ghee
  • Sarson Ka Saag or any Seasonal Vegetable
  • Kadi
  • Khichdi
  • Choorma
  • Gud, Lassi, Chatni
Evening Snacks
  • Assorted Pakoras
  • Any dessert like Jalebi, etc
Entry Tickets:
  • Below 12 years : Rs. 799
  • Adult : Rs.999
  • Group ( 20 + Adults ): Rs.899
  • Group ( 30 + Adults ): Rs. 799
  • Taxes Extra
  • All activities (except Paintball)are included. Paintball is @ Rs.300 for 30 Pellets

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Day Picnic is open only on weekends and Holidays

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