Rs 599 per Student

School Outing

Delta 105 Military Themed Park is aimed towards inspiring originality in young minds. You are learning to mingle, interact, make new friends, and be exposed to new areas in today’s technologically savvy world; all foster children’s creativity and the importance of classroom lectures and study. Do you need help determining where to take your school kids on a day trip?

If you’re looking for enjoyable school outing places in Gurgaon, go no further than the Delta 105 in Manesar.

Prime Location for a School Picnic

Bring the kids here after a long week of school to relax and unwind. The park is mainly undeveloped and lush with military-themed decorations. The kids can have a good time during the weekend since we have many places for them to play. Our park boasts the most excellent facilities for school group outings, including a military park, restaurant, memorial, sports complex, and staging area. This all makes us the best school picnic places in Gurgaon.

List of Activities:
  • Zipline: Zoom through the longest & highest zipline in Delhi NCR, one stays in the air for almost a minute.
  • Grenade Range: It takes strength to throw hand grenades unlike shown in the Bollywood movies. Students can try their hands at dummy grenades.
  • Firing Range: Each student will fire three rounds on figure 11 targets, normally .
  • Crawl Trench: What it takes to keep the head low when faced with enemy bullets and still keep moving. Wear battle fatigues and helmet and crawl about 15 ft under barbed wire. Each helmet touch on the barbed wire denotes a bullet hit.
  • Race with Battle Load: A soldier carries an average of 23 kgs of battle load on him and travels for long distances, as long as 40 kms. The students can try wearing the haversacks filled with 5, 10, 20 kgs of sand and run for 100 meters. It will give them some view of hardships troops faces.
  • Walk through Army Heritage: Students get to see the various tools, equipment, uniforms, etc used by the Armed Forces of India.
  • Briefing Zone: Clear and crisp instructions are hallmark of an Army Briefing. The students will be briefed on a 3D model about the camp, Dos & Don’ts, etc. It will be done before their visit.
  • Activity Zone: Activities like Understanding National Flag, Knot Tying, How to find direction, Map Reading, Military Etiquettes, etc
  • War Zone: Depiction of international border with bunkers & trenches. Briefing by An Ex-Serviceman with use of original equipment like helmets, Binocular, etc.
  • Assault Course: Commando Junior- an obstacle course for kids where they cross five obstacles.
  • Story telling by Veterans: Most Army men get a chance to serve in warzones like Kashmir or North East. The students can hear their hair raising stories and get inspired.
  • War memorial: Let us remember the fallen soldiers who gave their lives for us.
  • Pagal Gymkhana: Fun activities like Sack race, Tug of War, Needle/ Thread race, etc
  • Jawan Village: Our troops comes from village and settle there after their retirement. Every month, culture of different region is shown including their food, dresses, etc. Other activities like Magic show, Puppet Show, Bioscope where Army movies are shown, etc.
  • Sarva-Dharm-Sthal or MMGC (Mandir, Masjid, Gurudwara, Church) complex: Army is a true example of communal harmony and the youth of country needs to be sensitized about it. The MMG Complex will show them the true secular fabric of the nation.
  • Kidzone : Rides, swings and trampoline
  • Sports Arena: Sports play an important role in the Armed Forces and an hour is reserved every evening for all troops. The sports arena at Delta 105 has field for Football, Volleyball, cricket, etc.
  • Welcome by commando: A slithering action will be conducted by the commandos to welcome the kids. It will be done at the entrance.
  • DJ on the move: A truck has been converted into a moving DJ. It will move where the crowd is.
  • Jawan’s Room – in peace & war: During the service, a jawan serves in a peace station like Delhi and a field station like Kashmir. Look at how the Jawan’s room look like when he is posted in Peace station and his bunker when he is always ready for operation.
  • Amphitheatre: The camp has a large open amphitheatre that can seat 1200 kids. School can conduct their annual day, cultural program, award function, etc.
  • Army tents: Tents made of parachutes used by Indian Air Force are erected as rest zones. Similarly, tents used by Army are also displayed.
  • Kitchen: Kitchen at the camp is large (can prepare food for 5000 people at one go) and prepares food in a hygienic manner under a team of trained chefs. The food prepared will be kid centric.
  • Photo Opportunities: Equipment, vehicles, uniforms, scenarios, etc have been procured/ fabricated and can become good backdrops for clicking photographs.
Charged Extra
  • Paintball: The site has a Paint Ball field spread in about an acre. It is designed on a war ravaged scenario. Guests above 15 years of age can play by paying Rs.300 for 30 pellets per person.

Tasty and Nutritious food made in a hygienically environment is served as set menu in Delta Mess. Bar-Be-Que and Dinner is served in tent complex. Water used to prepare food is from RO plant.

Breakfast (Served at Delta Mess)
  • Parantha with Curd and white butter
  • Poori and Bhaji
  • Upma and chautni
  • Tea (For Teachers only)
Lunch (Served at Delta Mess)
  • Paneer Dish
  • Dal Makhani or Rajma
  • Dry Vegetable
  • Veg Manchurian
  • Hakka Noodles
  • Steam Rice
  • Assorted Tandoori Roti
  • Raita
  • Gulab Jamun
  • Salad
Snacks Counter (12pm to 5pm) (Served at Barood Cafe)
  • Live Jalebi
  • Live Assorted Pakoras
  • Bhel Puri
  • Green Chutney
  • Sounth Chutney
  • Tea
  • Nimbu Pani
Food from the Jat Regiment: (11am to 4pm) (Served at Jawan’s Village)
  • Sarson saag
  • Kadhi
  • Multigrain khichri
  • Churma
  • Assorted Roti(bajra/makki/multigarin)
  • Gur
  • Butter
  • Achar

Cost: Rs 599 per Student


  • One teacher/staff member will be accommodated complimentary with every 10 Students. Any additional teacher/ maid/ drivers will be charged extra.
  • Extra arrangements can be made at an additional cost.
  • The Amphitheatre can seat 1500 students. The school can conduct their annual day and other events
  • 50% payment to be made at the time of booking & balance 48 Hours prior to the visit